Friday, July 9, 2010

Soakin' Up Some Sun~ Pensacola Beach July 2010

My mom and I just spent a week in Pensacola Beach. ( Tommy recently started a new job and couldn't get off work). I definitely needed the time away from the stress of work and doctor's appointments / medical tests.

We stayed in one of the historic parts of Pensacola Beach. 

Ok. This is not what it looks like. :) It's a tar ball from the oil spill. 
The water looked fine, but you could still see these here and there on the beach.

Mom on the beach

Me trying to get a tan. Yes, I know I'm very white. Lol.

*We had some really good food while we were there.*

We ate dinner @ a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot one night. It was very cool. My favorite was the dessert- The Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue. The top picture was all of the stuff we got to dip into the chocolate. Yum!!

This was our awesome steak and lobster dinner @ Jackson's. 

Lunch @ The Mellow Mushroom. - Great pizzas!

I love animals so I had to go the zoo in Gulf Breeze.
Me measuring my "wingspan".

Mom enjoying the zoo!

Me trying to pet a sheep. There was a little baby that let me pet him, but mom couldn't get a picture because he kept getting behind stuff when she got her camera out.

This llama kept following me. I really wanted to pet him, but I was afraid he may bite my hand off! Really cute.

Mom and I out on the beach right before sunset.

So beautiful and peaceful. :)

We had a great time shopping, hanging out on the beach, eating yummy food, and everything in between. The only thing I hated was being away from my husband :( It's okay though- we're heading to Vegas in a few weeks!

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